Ashley Blaine Featherson was born in Washington DC, and raised in the cozy suburb of Gaithersburg, Maryland. Since she can remember she has always been drawn to the arts. Whether it be, music, dance, film, television or theatre she always had her eyes on the prize of being a professional performer one day.

At about the age of 8, Ashley built up the courage to tell her father that softball and soccer just weren’t for her and that she wanted to pursue the performing arts full-time. It was at this time that she became a consistent & stand-out performer with the Bethesda Academy of Performing Arts & countless school productions.

At 14 she begged her mom for a manager to take her career to the next level. Her first Audition with her new manager was for ‘Runaway Home’ a regional 2 act play to run at Washington DC’s famous Studio Theatre. Leaving the audition her mom said “We could hear you down the hall and around the corner, you had us all quiet, you gave it your all”. And as you can guess, she booked the role!

It was then that she had her first professional acting gig, and it confirmed for her that she wanted a life in the arts. Upon graduation from high school she attended Howard University and obtained her Bachelor of Fine Arts with a concentration in Musical Theatre. Eight months after graduation a fearless, determined & bright-eyed Ashley packed her bags and moved to sunny Los Angeles where she always believed her dreams would come true.

Ashley is currently a series regular on the Netflix Original Series ‘Dear White People’!